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Read our Sittercity Reviews and save with Coupons below! Many times, finding a babysitter by placing ads in newspapers or magazines, or personally interviewing them can help you find nannies or babysitters. But this process may fail to reveal who they are or their ethical backgrounds.  But by reading our Sittercity Review, you just might change your opinion on how to perform a great search!

It is a fact that when you search for a babysitter online, you would most likely be skeptical and a bit distrustful about finding such a person. With so much of news about scamsters and insensitive people who ill-treat their own mothers, can’t say I blame you! So, what is the solution? It looks like Sittercity!
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Sittercity Review
We must bring to your attention that this website has solely been created for bringing together parents and potential babysitters, nannies, and caretakers for looking after their children or wards, particularly from your own locality or area. You as a parent can just post your requirement for a nanny or babysitter in your area and then when you do see an applicant, you can accordingly scrutinize his/her credentials, experience, background and citizenship, their ethical background and availability and then seek to interview that person.

You also get the chance to read about that particular babysitter or nanny in the review forums, both the negative and positive feedbacks, view the ratings, and then make your decisions accordingly. On a further investigation of our rview, we found that they are in partnership with the American Red Cross, which is a fact that speaks for itself!
Consisting of a dedicated staff who undertake the job of monitoring, reviewing thousands of nannies and baby sitters, and gathering feedbacks about them, our review also finds the following features:

• List of nannies or baby sitters in your chosen area
• Details like name, age, their address, qualifications, experience, family status, citizenship, health status, previous employments, experience levels, hobbies and interests, photograph, their other skills etc.
• Availability of their backgrounds like any criminal records or cases pending against them, sexual offenses, drug testing etc.
• Consumer forums where you can easily read about that person, their plus and minus and their ratings from parents
• Comes in three plan offers – $35 monthly membership / $70 (33% savings) three month membership or $140 (66% savings) yearly memberships
• A 4 way screening process that can help you to thoroughly check and interview that person before proceeding ahead
• Reliable and trustworthy
• Instant availability of complete information about that person which can save you lot of time and effort

Upon reading reviews offered by parents you get the feeling that Sittercity is one site that has enabled parents to find the right type of babysitter or nanny and has left them at peace and free of any mental worries about letting a complete outsider into their homes and taking care of their wards.  You find that the site itself is very well planned and laid out and is both user friendly and easy to navigate. The procedure for hiring is simple enough. As a parent, you just post a job after signing up about the type of baby sitter, her age group, the working hours, what other services you expect, your area or place of residence etc. and then you just have to wait for a response from potential nannies or babysitters in your area.

Once you receive an application, you can then do all the necessary credential and background checks, and proceed for an interview with that person. Keeping your ears open is very important here. You can form a positive or negative opinion just by listening to the way a person speaks, so caution should be exercised here. Once you, as a parent, are convinced of their abilities and are happy about their references and feedbacks in the consumer forums, you can then choose to make a decision about hiring them.

One amazing fact that is revealed upon our review of Sittercity is that the site itself is designed with the express intent of providing the maximum security and safety to your child and is sensitive to a parent’s anxiety and concern for their child’s safety. Our review finds the ability to view video profiles or virtual interviews of the care providers or nannies , which can be such a blessing for parents to see and form their own judgments easily.

Having been around for a long time and with experienced nannies and babysitters who also have special training on handling children with special needs, the benefits of this wonderful site are beyond comparison.  Another major plus of this site is that parents can get to know very minute details about the person’s background, right from a traffic ticket up to any felonies committed. This is a very vital piece of information since you, as parents, are going to hire these people to look after the most precious things in your life – your children!

We should also bring to light that this site is partnered with LexisNexis, who are leaders in doing background checks and this in itself should assure a parent of the credibility of this site. There is a 7-day trial offer, at the end of which you can upgrade to memberships mentioned above. While on the subject of background checks, it would be advisable to mention what are the checks you can run on:

• Applicant’s legal name
• Current address
• Previous address
• Alias names
• National criminal search of state records with criminal databases, sex offender registries, prison and parole files as well as release files from the State Department of Corrections

Apart from babysitters, also brings out another aspect of this wonderful site – elderly care and also pet care! You can now leave your elders to qualified and well experienced sitters or even leave your loved pet in their care without worries or pressures!

In conclusion, it can only be said that Sittercity seems to deliver what it promises and hope that this review can greatly help a parent in knowing the benefits of opting for this site to take care of their loved ones!

Sittercity Reviews – 4.7 out of 5 based on 355 votes.